Upcycling Ideas using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Upcycling Ideas using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Wanting to upcycle your furniture at home but stuck for inspiration? We’ve got you. We’ve put together a selection of our favourite Annie Sloan furniture flips to help kick start some inspo. From ombre style painting, fence and garden transformations to bright colour block room transformations you’ll be sure to find colours and styles that scream you!

Upclycled Cabinet

Screenshot 2021-07-07 at 11.59.12.png

A modern, yet stylish must-have in your home. This cabinet was upcycled using a mixture of three Annie Sloan colours:

To recreate this cool look, add your recreated colour how you like and follow by waxing your bare wood with Annie Sloan wax ! We recommend using masking tape to make your individual design as neat as possible.

Ombre Cabinet using Barcelona Orange and Capri Pink

Think cocktails and summer holidays! This is one of our favourite furniture flips yet. Follow these steps to recreate:

  • Begin by painting the bottom of the piece with a thin layer of Capri Pink.

  • Paint the top half of your piece with Barcelona Orange.

  • Repeat the process to give your piece full coverage, there should be a distinct line in between each colour.

  • Starting with your Capri Pink brush, paint over where the two colours meet, then whilst the paint is still wet, take the other brush and work Barcelona Orange into the Capri Pink.

  • Make sure you allow the brushes to pick up excess paint and mix small amounts of each colour together throughout the piece. Work so one colour is painted on in one direction and the other colour is painted in the opposite direction. A light touch is most effective!

Update Your Fence

Bet you didn’t know that you could paint your fence with Annie Sloan paints did you? Well, you know now! Annie herself has kindly but a little video together to explain to us exactly how to upcycle your garden fence. You can literally paint your fence any colour under the sun, from yellow to green - make those florals pop!

Whichever colour you decide on, make sure you plan ahead and check the weather forecast. You want a few dry days to give your paint time to set and dry properly, you’ll also want to avoid direct sunlight so the paint doesn’t crack and dry too quickly.

Once you’ve painted your fence you’ll want to use Annie Sloan Lacquer to make your paint job extra hard-waring and to protect your fence from all the elements English weather can bring!

Watch here to see how Annie transforms her very own fence!

Colour Block Bedroom

We are so obsessed at the Stitch HQ with this bedroom design! Using Amsterdam Green and Antoinette this cool, mid-century space is the ultimate chill out pad. The use of the lighter Antoinette colour above Amsterdam Green gives the illusion of a room with height. Why not try something like this yourself? You can use any two Annie Sloan colours, just make sure one is a lot lighter than the other.

Match your furnishings with your block colour and paint your dressing table or desk in the lighter colour of the two colours you pick. This will ultimately transform your room without having to spend many pennies, plus you’ll be upcycling what you already have, making it a super sustainable project.

So, with this in mind you can relax in your new room knowing that you’ve been sustainable and environmentally friendly in the process!

Screenshot 2021-07-07 at 11.56.58.png

Garden Chairs

Screenshot 2021-07-07 at 11.55.45.png

Bored of your bland Ikea outdoor furniture? Have a go at painting it.

Annie Sloan Lacquer ensures that your furniture will be fully protected from the elements. In this image, you’ll see a painted a pair of Ikea garden chairs made from polypropylene plastic. The designers decided to offset the manmade feel the chairs gave and wanted to fully protect them from the elements. With this in mind, they’ve been painted with Annie Sloan paint and topped with the hard waring Lacquer.

Make sure you apply a few thin coats of your chosen colour rather than one thick one and follow with a couple of coats of the lacquer and bam! You’re done.