Stitch's Journey to Becoming a Rowan Flagship Store

Stitch's Journey to Becoming a Rowan Flagship Store


We're excited to announce that Stitch has recently reached a significant milestone in its growth story by becoming a Rowan Flagship store!


The Esteemed Rowan Brand

For those unacquainted with the name, Rowan is a renowned British knitting brand, celebrated worldwide for their high-quality knitting yarns and patterns. Their collections are a creative mix of traditional and contemporary designs that cater to every knitter's tastes. With a rich history spanning over 40 years, Rowan's commitment to quality and design integrity is unquestionable.


Stitch Meets Rowan: The Perfect Blend

Stitch, known for its dedication to offering the best knitting supplies, has always been a hotspot for knitting enthusiasts. Being appointed as a Rowan Flagship store means we now have exclusive access to the full range of Rowan products, including their premium yarns and comprehensive pattern libraries.

This partnership benefits both parties. For Stitch, it's an opportunity to offer an even more diverse range of products, enhancing our reputation as a top-tier supplier. For Rowan, it means reaching out to a wider audience, leveraging Stitch's online presence and easy-to-access location in the beautiful and centrally located village of Tarporley.


Why Stitch is the Perfect Fit for Rowan

Stitch's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction mirrors Rowan's ethos, making it an ideal platform for Rowan to expand its reach. Stitch's reputation for curating a collection of the best yarns on the market resonates with Rowan's premium offerings, paving the way for a successful partnership.


 Beverley Ozard, Owner and Rowan Expert.