Our Favourite Annie Sloan Colours this Summer

Our Favourite Annie Sloan Colours this Summer

The weather is warm, the outdoor garden furniture that you’ve kept for years upon years is out in full force and the BBQ is on full heat ready to cook those burgers that you’ve been craving all day. You notice your garden furniture is looking a little drab this year and is in vital need of a splash of colour and a new lease of life but you don’t really want to spend your pennies purchasing a whole new set, what do you do?

Stitch has the perfect solution for you and it comes in the shape of two words, Annie Sloan. Scrap the faff this year and transform your accessories and furniture without having to sand down or prime! All you need is your colour of choice and some Annie Sloan wax to secure and protect your new colour. 

So, without further ado the Stitch team have chosen their three favourite Annie Sloan colours this summer. With a huge array of colours to chose from this should help you whittle down our summer selection! 

This gorgeous happy and bright fifties vintage colour will be sure to add a splash of colour into any room or outdoor space. Guaranteed to make you smile, this colour is inspired by the development of chrome yellow pigment. Founded firstly through Chinese hand painted wallpaper, this colour was the first non-earthy yellow to grace 19th century English drawing rooms, now it’s time for it to grace your room or outdoor area.

Top tip: We recommend using dark wax with this one for a stunning, classical look! 


Shop English Yellow

Inspired by the hue found on rustic Mediterranean doors, furniture and shutters, this beautiful colour will be sure to bring a piece of the mediterranean into your home and garden. We can picture this colour on an outdoor table, slightly distressed with a large jug of water, ice and lemon gracefully placed on top, perfect for the hot weather. Once waxed and dryed, we suggest using a piece of sandpaper to lightly sand down the corners of your chosen piece, creating a distressed look that perfectly resembles the mediterranean. This colour also works beautifully in a neoclassical interior deepened a little with dark wax - ideal for all year round. 

Try pairing this colour withPure and transport yourself to the set of Mamma Mia!


Shop Greek Blue

Launched earlier this year, this delightful and fun new colour really does omit summer vibes. Named after an Italian island resort, it’s vivid pink is inspired by palettes around the globe such as Mexican textiles, Pakistani truck art and beautiful Romany gypsy caravan interiors. The depth and energy in this captivating paint will match perfectly alongside other cool-toned brights such as our other suggested summer pick, English Yellow. If you’re after something a little more subtle and not so bright, we advise pairing this hot pink with warmer cocoa-toned hues for more of a sophisticated, elegant interior style. 

Top tip: To fully enhance this colour we suggest using a clear wax on top of Capri Pink! 


Shop Capri Pink

Make the most of the hot weather and try painting outside! Simply pop some newspaper down, roll your sleeves up and get painting. Make sure you let your paint dry (this doesn’t take long at all) and follow up with an Annie Sloan wax. For best results leave your piece for a week or so to let the wax cure, you can then start using it as normal. :)

We hope we’ve inspired you to up-cycle all your old bits and pieces this summer. Tag us in your projects using @stitchlifestyle, we really love to see what you’ve been working on!