The top 5 Benefits of Crafting as a Form of Self Care

The top 5 Benefits of Crafting as a Form of Self Care

In a time where taking care of our mental health is more important than ever we want to reiterate how helpful crafting can be for the mind. The world seems pretty overwhelming right now, especially when we’re dealing with the relentless demands of the digital world. Sometimes it feels like you can’t escape the news and scrolling through Instagram, checking emails before we sleep and constantly updating our followers with what we’re up to can make it really difficult to switch off. 

Research actually suggests that knitting, sewing, crocheting and all things crafty severely reduces anxiety, depression, chronic pains and even slows down dementia. Who knew?! 


So, without further ado we’ve put together a list of the top 5 ways crafting helps soothe the mind and why it should be a key component to your self care routine. 

1. Crafting is calming

Did you know that the rhythm of knitting helps with serotonin release? Engaging in this mindful activity helps us pay a bit more attention to our thoughts and feelings which can therefore improve our mental health. Science proves that making sure you’re stocking up on your daily dose of serotonin massively helps towards combating depression. Research also suggests that crafts and art allows people to forget about their condition for a while, helping them focus on the positive things in their life, thus making them feel a lot happier. With all this in mind, crafting is basically a non-medical way to stimulate your dopamine levels, a neurotransmitter that is vital for helping us focus and strive. What’s not to love!?


2. It’s a social and inclusive activity

Loneliness affects 1.2 million elderly people in the UK. With loneliness being so common among the elderly as well as the young it’s having huge implications on our health. With many individuals feeling more lonely than ever in this strange time, crafting can help contribute towards an increased sense of usefulness and inclusion. Joining a sewing or knitting group is a great way to meet new people of all ages and share your hobbies.


3. Knitting and sewing improves your physical health 

A study carried out by Harvard Medical School’s Mind and Body Institute found that knitting actually lowers your heart rate to around 11 beats per minute. As well as this, the concentration used to help create your new favourite jumper distracts you from any chronic pains you may have. With this in mind, research is actually suggesting that knitting, sewing and crafting could save the NHS millions of pounds

4. Knitting or sewing your own clothes is helpful towards the environment

Want to feel like you’re doing your bit? Helping to keep our environment safe is absolutely vital. A lot of clothes we buy are mass-produced, fast and in-expensive, this is massively contributing towards pollution and impacting the health of the people around the factories these clothes are made in. Next time your top has a rip in why not repair it instead of throwing it away? That way you know that your top isn’t going to end up in a landfill and also reassures you that you’re doing something amazing and positive for our planet, a guaranteed mood booster! 


5. A sense of accomplishment

Men and Women across the globe have stated that knitting and sewing has made them feel worth something and they’re right. Who doesn’t love that amazing sense of achievement you get from making your favorite pasta dish or having a super productive day? Creating a garment with your very own hands provides you with a huge sense of accomplishment and increases your self-esteem immensely! You can even make your Christmas presents that little bit more thoughtful by gifting someone something you’ve made by hand. Lovely stuff. 

In a time where we’re stuck indoors due to a certain global pandemic, crafting can help keep us occupied and make us feel a sense of achievement, Stitch is here to help with this. Even if you’ve not had a go at crafting before we’re hosting safe and socially distanced craft workshops for beginners and intermediates. Of you fancy crafting in the comfort of your own home have a browse at our knitting kits to help make knitting your new favourite jumper a bit easier for you. 

Most importantly, make sure you take some time to look after yourself and never forget how important practicing self care is!