How to Crochet for Beginners - The Basics

How to Crochet for Beginners - The Basics


Have you recently purchased the new Chunky Crochet Bucket Hat Kit and you’re not sure where to start with it? Are you completely new to the art of crochet and fancy learning a new skill? Look no further! Bev has made it simple and put together a series of videos talking you through the different techniques needed to make your very own crochet goodies. You’ll be a master in no time!


Getting Started

  • Create a slipknot using your wool and hook

  • With your left hand, hold your knot and take the hanging yarn. Go over two fingers and under two fingers.

  • Hold your hook like a pen, lift your finger and take your hook under the yarn and pull the wool through.

  • Repeat the process - under, pull through. This will create an even chain with a lovely motion without pulling too tight.

  • Keep going, you’ve got this!

How to Double Crochet

  • Grab your chain and make sure it has a nice even tension

  • Go into the third chain, take your yarn around (hook under), you’ve created a stitch.

  • Go into your stitch using your hook, put the hook under the yarn and pull it through one, but the hook under again and pull it through two.

    • Repeat, this is your double crochet.

    • The first row will be your foundation row, the second row gets a lot easier.

Starting your Second Row


  • Go into your last chain, take the hook underneath the yarn and pull through one, take it under and pull through two.

  • Go into your next chain space, take the hook, place it under the yarn and pull it through, repeat.

  • Once you get to the end of the chain, go into your end stitch. Take your yarn through and under again through two. 

How to Crochet Granny Squares using Treble Crochet (p1)

  • Create your slip stitch and crochet four chains.

  • Make your ring by picking up your first chain stitch, take your yarn around the hook and pull it through the first chain.

  • Go into the centre of the ring that you’ve just created, catch the yarn pull it under two stitches twice to create a treble.

  • Do one more treble stitch.

  • Create two chains and another three trebles (into the ring), do two more chains and another three trebles into the ring again.

  • Do two more chains and three trebles, repeat again.

  • Stitch two more chains and create a slip stitch into the third chain (from the original starting point)

  • Pull the yarn through at cut it!

How to Crochet Granny Squares (p2)

  • Place your hook at the corner of the square you’ve just made with your new wool on your finger.

  • Pop the yarn over and pull through, create three chains and two trebles.

  • Create two more chains and poke the yarn into your next corner space.

  • Create three trebles, two chains and another three trebles (all in the one corner)

  • Create three trebles in the next corner space, two more chains and three more trebles.

  • Create three more trebles and two more chains.

  • To complete, pop your hook through the top of your original three chain start and create a slip stitch

  • Fasten off!

 We hope we’ve helped you on your first steps of learning to crochet. If you’re still a little stuck or you fancy getting more help with your crafts, check out our craft workshops and find a workshop that suits you. Alternatively, pop into our shop in Tarporley and have a chat to a member of the Stitch team!